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Sin City Cabaret closes doors after losing liquor license.

Sin City Cabaret in the Bronx has been barred from serving liquor.

The club has had its liquor license revoked since May due to a multitude of code violations and alleged disturbances to the peace transgressions. During 2014 alone nine strippers and bouncers were arrested for dealing cocaine. Vice enforcement officers were said to have purchased narcotics on at least twelve different occasions.


Drakopoulous is prohibited from being on the liquor license due to having a prior conviction for stock fraud dating back to 2002.

Sin City Cabaret has started an online petition to restore their liquor license and business operations as it hires predominantly minority employees. Five out of seven of the employees implicated during the undercover investigation of the sale of narcotics on the premises have been terminated from the strip club. The owner stresses that the venue has a zero tolerance policy for illegal activities.

The petition is riddled with accusations of unfairness and discrimination:

“We wonder why this does not happen down town? Why are Strip Clubs a target? Especially urban clubs, effecting minority employees,” the petition says.

“Make your voices heard so we won’t be a pinata called Sin City, that we too are good people, working hard to support ourselves and families and for a better tomorrow.” 


Source: NY Daily News
FULL STORY: https://goo.gl/1hjGSe