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Illegal immigrants found dead inside a truck in Walmart.

The driver of a truck transporting illegal immigrants has been arrested and charged. Eight of the suspected twenty illegal immigrants have been found dead inside the trailer parked in Walmart parking lot.

Others were found in critical condition suffering from heatstroke and dehydration taken to San Antonio hospital.

San Antonio lies merely a few hours ride from the Mexico border.

The Police Chief William McManus said in a press briefing that the bodies were discovered by a Walmart employee after someone from the truck came into the Walmart to ask for water.

Video footage from the store showed a number of vehicles arriving to pick up some of the survivors.

Chief McManus further described the incident as a crime of people smuggling:

“We’re looking at a human trafficking crime this evening,” he said.

Many other illegal immigrants are said to have escaped on foot into the nearby woods while others were picked up by anonymous vehicles.

Source: BBC
FULL STORY: https://goo.gl/BbajAP