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A host on Airbnb canceled a woman’s booking violating Airbnb racial discrimination policy. Dyne Suh, a 26-year-old law clerk, had booked a mountain cabin retreat in Big Bear, California, for a weekend to ski with friends back in February.

Just when the group was set to arrive, Tami Barker, the Airbnb host canceled the reservation minutes before via text message stating:

“I wouldn’t rent it to u if u were the last person on earth” to add she said, “One word says it all. Asian.”

Since the California department of fair housing and authority instituted a racial discrimination agreement with Airbnb earlier this year, Tami Barker, is the first host to be penalized for discriminatory practices. She must take a course in Asian studies and pay a $5000 fine.

In addition to the fine Barker must make an informal apology to Suh, volunteer at a civil rights, and attend a community-based education workshop.

Dyne Suh submitted a Youtube video rehashing the events of that day titled: “Trump Supporter Cancels Asian Woman’s Airbnb Stay.” In the video, she recalls the denial of hospitality because of her race threw hurtful tears and disappointment.

Barker’s lawyer Edward Lee said in a statement that his client was “regretful for her impetuous actions and comments” but pleased to have resolved the matter with Suh and the DFEH “in a manner that can hopefully bring a positive outcome out of an unfortunate incident”.

Source: Travel + Leisure
FULL STORY: https://goo.gl/mBSkUZ