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The latest iPhones explode on the scene with plenty of options”

Apple’s latest iPhone may be one of the most expensive phones on the market to date.

Even though you can take out a loan via Apple’s upgrade option to pay for the device in installments, I’m sure there will not be a shortage of willingly customers vying to purchase the device.

You can go to Apple’s website to see how much the phone will cost also the price for the installment option.

You will still end up paying around the same amount or more if you bought the phone outright but at least you will make history as owning one of those shiny new iPhone 8 or the motherload, iPhone X.

Here is the prices for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X to date:

iPhone 8, 64 GB: $699
iPhone 8, 256 GB: $849
iPhone 8, Plus 64 GB: $799
iPhone 8, Plus 256 GB: $949
iPhone X, 64 GB: $999
iPhone X, 256 GB: $1,149

Source: Business Insider
FULL STORY: https://goo.gl/RwCwLs