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Burberry Signature Patterns Return in Fall/Winter 2017

Burberry fashion show in London reveals brands familiar prints.

Burberry has unveiled its collection for the fall 2017 collection. The fashion show was presented in the Old Sessions House in London. The pieces displayed a lot of knit and sweater based designs using Burberry signature plaid colors.


This time around Burberry implemented many outerwear pieces to the line as the previous collection focus was mythical creatures coveted into accessories and apparel schemes. Burberry continues to provide even more creative options for any fashionista to stand out with this collection adding even more scarves and tote bags to choose from.

The Burberry fall 2017 collection is available now online at Burberry website including pricing and current availability. Be sure to grab some pieces this fall to add to your wardrobes aesthetics and flair.


Source: Hypebeast
Image Source: ©Burberry/Alasdair Mclellan
FULL STORY: https://goo.gl/PyLngk