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Border Patrol agents found 34 pounds of fentanyl, worth an estimated $1.17 million.

A 26 year old U.S citizen was arrested on 2 p.m Wednesday in Murrieta, CA on suspicion of narcotics smuggling. After a drug sniffing dog aroused suspicion for probable cause, agents found 10 plastic wrapped bundles of fentanyl inside a cardboard box of the car.

The discovery yielded more than $1 million worth of fentanyl and $560,000 in heroin seized by Border Patrol. (U.S. Border Patrol)

Almost 40 pounds of heroin, worth an estimated $564,000, was seized from the trunk of a car by Border Patrol agents in San Clemente. (U.S. Border Patrol)

Source: Pauline Repard of San Diego Union-Tribune
FULL STORY: http://goo.gl/jBDHgn