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Macklemore - Willy Wonka Feat. Offset (New Song)
Quality CollaborationCatchy HookBangin Beat
92%Editor's Rating
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Macklemore and Migo’s Offset team up for single “Willy Wonka.”

Macklemore’s and Offset together standout on the single from Macklemore third studio EP GEMINI. The single produces a barrage of energy and ecstatic wordplay that is well crafted and executed. Offset continues to showcase versatility and growth in his collaborative effort and is becoming more and more of a standout amongst the Migos camp. Macklemore’s flow is crisp and driven behind a clearly thought out themed song.Overall “Willy Wonka” provides a clear insight on the time and patience it took to develop the quality product that is Macklemore’s GEMINI.
Check it out below!