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Lower-income renters in New Orleans are facing the loss of their homes and uncertain futures.

The rising cost of living and scarce affordable housing has contributed to residents losing there homes in New Orleans.

Michael Esnault, a 69 year old disabled veteran, stated that his former apartment complex, American Can Apartments, told him his rent will increase to $1,400 which is double what he was originally paying. The increase is a affect of the lost of state subsidies which uprooted a many of residents. 

“We looked at a place not too far from here, a two-bedroom shotgun,” he said, referring to a long, narrow home found in many New Orleans neighborhoods. “They were asking $1,900 a month. I can’t afford that. I know many more who can’t, either.”

Carolyn Horton, 74, stated she has not been able to find a place and has to temporarily move in in with her grandson. At some point she said she probably will move out of state and live with her and his family in Denver. 

Housing advocates say Horton’s and Esnault’s troubles are a indication of a broader problem facing tenants across the city.


Affordable-housing subsidies for about 1,200 units will expire in 2021 with another estimated 5,000 scheduled to expire 10 years later, she said.


Source: Jeff Adelson, The New Orleans Advocate
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