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Prison riot leaves 28 dead, beaten, and decapitated in Acapulo.

Before the break of dawn, a prison riot broke out in Las Cruces maximum security wing in south-western Mexico. Many victims were stabbed and beaten to death while some lay languishing on prison grounds decapitated. The fight has left at least 28 inmates dead, officials say.

Las Cruces prison lies in the heart of Acapulco the largest city in the Guerrero state, a major center for narcotics productions to many cartels vying over territory, which makes it one of the most violent cities in Mexico.

“The incident was triggered by a permanent feud between rival groups within the prison,” officials said.

(Image: Getty)

(Image: Getty)

Federal police and the army set up a security cordon outside the Las Cruces prison, which is reportedly overcrowded, with more than 2,000 inmates.

This incident is the most recent in a string of violence that plagued Mexico this year. It is estimated that May was the most violent month in Mexico since 1997 up to 2,186 homicides.

Source: BBC
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